Welcome to Sports and Imports Auto! We take care of your car like we own it.

Our international resource network of buyers and sellers makes finding the right car for your needs simple, efficient, and fun! We offer all makes and models of superior pre-owned vehicles including: cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, and even boats! Looking for something special? Our virtual dealership has a comprehensive catalogue of collectable inventory as well; specializing in classic and modern Corvettes.

Sports and Imports Auto will handle all of the details of your sale or purchase, right down to the final shine. We provide our clients with washing, waxing, interior cleans, engine cleans, leather shining, fluid checks, and so much more when preparing their vehicle for sale. Our affordable listing and detailing packages are designed to eliminate the time-consuming struggles of buying or selling a car. We can handle the international shipping details for you (if needed) and appraisals are available upon request.

Our passion for cars and impeccable customer service means that you never have to worry. Sports and Imports Auto has over 25 years of ASE certified experience; having worked as third generation Auto Masters for the A.R.C.A racing circuit. These experiences have taught us to approach every transaction like a lasting friendship. We have built our business on honesty, integrity, and a true dedication to our customers’ satisfaction.

So the next time you want top-quality auto broker representation for your vehicle, contact Sports and Imports Auto at 330-493-6000 and find the right home for your 4-wheeled treasure.

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