Testimonial Gallery

I use the CBD BrainIQ beverage infuser every day. I get my daily CBD and mental focus.
Sheryl Gmirkin-Gold Mine Executive

I could not get through the day without CBD BrainIQ . I love the Energy and focus I get.
Patrik Erikson-Owner Futurola

I give the CBD BrainIQ to my son who has Autism. It helps his focus, energy and memory during his day.
Ron Oberleitner

My wife loves this!!!! She used it for her arms and I used it for my back pain. This wellness cream really works!!!
Matt Pipken-CEO-Speak Your Silence

My wife is enjoying pain relief from her knee which is bone on bone. I’m enjoying some increased flexibility/range of motion.
Ronald Anson-Retired Marine

Great product for the price! Smells really nice and seems to work fast. I was skeptical of cbd topicals at first, but have since gotten my whole family using it.
Cindy Housel-Uber Driver

Wellness sleep beverage infuser provides me with a great, restful night’s sleep with all the benefits of tested CBD.
Keith Gmirkin-Professional Body Builder

I love that I can pour a sleep tincture into my water at night and get a great night’s sleep.
Rebecca Anson-House Wife

I love the gummie Bears, great taste and texture. I eat them everyday.
Hector Fernandez

Great fuel for a Powerful “machine!” When you know what you want to do, Brain IQ gets the brain focused, primed and ready for you to apply it to the fullest.
Candice Soave

Excellent stack that has energized me, helped my sleep, and decrease the number of supplements I take daily.
Nike Heinl

I truly love everything about this brand. They supply the BEST QUALITY forms of CBD, botanicals and ingredients! So much focus and drive and I feel like myself.
Andy Heinl

I outsell these Gummie Bears 15-1 at all my stores. People love them.
Justin Long-Owner CBD Nugget