About GZOO Media, LLC.

About GZOO NetworksIn a day and age where corporations rule the media landscape it has become quite apparent that unless you have the "blessing" of the so-called "gate keepers" you won't make it far in the entertainment industry. GZOO Media, LLC. and its partners don't believe in this type of paradigm.

We cater to INDEPENDENT artists, producers and other creatives to help them build a stronger presence despite not having the resources that large corporations have. We believe that together we can reached a much larger audience. This is a big part of the reason we have created GZOO Radio and GZOO TV.

We want to grow an ORGANIC network of independent creatives and help change the way things are done now. We believe that the entertainment industry has been watered down to the point that the music and shows being distributed to the public are just plain awful. They are based on numbers and stats which DO NOT make for good quality entertainment.

Join us and let us help you syndicate your art to the world's eyes and ears!

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