A radio station for independent artists.

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We can play any of today's top 40 billboard hits but, we choose to play independent artists' tracks only! Today, most of the music played across the globe is syndicated by a handful of corporations that hold the keys to an artist's success. But, this is changing. The way people consume music is diverting from the old days of FM radio waves to the online space.

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Live TV Shows

We go live every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8pm eastern time. We review music from independent artists across the globe. Submit your music to get a live review from industry professionals.

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Monthly track vs. track battles!

We hold battles every month where independent artists can compete for cash prizes and promotion. Some of the best artists from all across the world submit their music for a chance to win. This is a good opportunity to not only find hot music but, if you are an artist, its a great way to have your music heard!

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